Speedlight Workshop

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Weekend Workshop Series: Speed lights

Date: April 13, 2019

Dave Poplawski and others will be hosting a hands on speed light workshop.

What you will need to bring:

  • dSLR

You do not need to bring speedlights.

Use this signup sheet if you plan to come--you will not be allowed in if you do not sign up. If you signup and cannot come please e-mail dave@darkroomers.com; failure to show up after signing up may limit your privileges for future events.

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What Available Spots
workshop #1: Terri T.
#2: Karen H.
#3: David P.
#4: Jeff B.
#5: Rick P.
#6: Osia S.
#7: Shyam S.
#8: Lisa M.
#9: Janie A.
#10: Tanya S.
#11: John W.
#12: Jim T.